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Adidas Pure Game 100ml edt M

$3.24 USD

Resend the request to control and reign over your game with a masculine hint that haunts this perfume from Adidas and leaves every man at the pinnacle of fame. Maximum admiration is guaranteed with a strong and intense mix of this Adidas Pure Game EDT.

Green Woody Fragrance
Youth and experience now come in a single bottle with this EDT as the woody fragrance has a  mild green undertone to the final finish. Not less masculine, just less older so you conquer hearts and second glances.

Fragrance Booster Technology
Stay on top of the game and your competition with impressive skills and a great aura wearing this perfume all day long and after hours you can still party hard as the fragrance booster technology keeps you smelling spectacular to charm your way around the room.

Long-Lasting Fragrance Up To 24 Hours
With innovation playing a keener part than chemicals, this EDT brings long lasting effects that will keep you amidst a sweet smelling cloud all day long.

Ergonomic Shape to Fit in Hand Palm
No more messy, butter fingers affected work; all you need for that confident movement and maximum perfume on your body is made possible with that perfect ergonomic design which is promised with the bottle design that sits comfy in the palms of your hands.

Developed With Athletes
Paying keen attention to the wants of athletes, the brand works closely with sportspersons so their wants and needs are perfectly understood. Expect only excellence akin to that of your performance on field.

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