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Kenzo L'eau M 100ml edtsp

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Kenzo takada, a Japanese designer with a dash of eccentricity, arrived in Paris in the 70s. Inspired by the east and west, he invented colorful, energy packed and anti conformist fashion. Since 1988, with the creation of Kenzo parfums, Kenzo has regaled us with stories told through scent. Poetry with a twist, redesigned nature, smiling sensuality and real emotions inspire each new fragrance. Surprising and provoking smiles. with the energy, boldness and joy of Kenzo, the world is beautiful. Water envisioned by Kenzo is unlike any other. Kenzo boosts its purity and strength with a touch of wonder and invents a scent full of colours, fruits and freshness, for a fresh and sensual encounter with the skin. Frosted mint, lotus flower and peach characterise this aquatic floral eau de toilette that is easy to wear and love.

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