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Chloe Love Story 75ml edpsp

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Love Story by Chloe offers a fresh and woody floral musk. This Chloe Eau de Parfum comes in a 100ml attractive looking flacon. Fresh and vibrant, the Love Story by Chloe for Women uplifts your mood just with a single spray. This perfume is made using heady and complex citrusy notes to create an exotic, fresh, and vibrant concoction. The heart notes are well blended with floral notes, giving it a cool and sweet smelling aroma. The base of warm woody accords gives you irresistible and charming facet. This beautiful scent is available in a lovely, pleated bottle with a ribbon hand tied around the base of its striking cap. It contains the potion in 100ml capacity. TOP NOTES Love Story by Chloe The Love Story by Chloe starts its carnal journey with bergamot, lemon, neroli, grapefruit, and pear. These notes team up perfectly to add a refreshing, energetic, and delicious scent. Bergamot has an elegant, sour, bittersweet aroma that will make you feel refreshing. Lemon has a sweet, sour, bright, and cheerful note, making you feel joyous. Neroli offers a citrusy, light, purifying aroma. While grapefruit and pear team up to offer a sweet fragrance. MIDDLE NOTES Love Story by Chloe The middle notes of this Chloe Eau de Parfum have a complex floral and fruity composition of orange blossom, stephanotis, rose, black currant, and peach. These notes splash your skin with a unique scent. Rose has a purifying, irresistible, feminine, and romantic aroma. Black currant and peach offer a fruity sweet aroma. Stephanotis gives you a sweet and romantic aroma. BASE NOTES Love Story by Chloe The base notes of this Love Story by Chloe are made using cedar, musk, cashmirwood, and patchouli. These notes blend well creating a powerful, soothing foundation for the perfume to lay on. Cedar has a soft, austere woody edge. The musky notes of this fragrance bring out an invigorating and exquisite aroma. Cashmirwood offers a musky-woody component. Furthermore, patchouli gives a sweet, dark scent with an earthy, woody edge. For Women

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