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What is the Purest Form of Perfume?

Posted on December 09 2020

What is the Purest Form of Perfume?

Parfum is the purest form of perfume and it is also known as extrait de parfum or pure perfume. Apparently it has the highest fragrance concentration anywhere from 15% to 40%. However in practicality it is 20% to 30% and they claim to last the longest which is usually 6 to 8 hours. That justifies their price tag which is again the highest among all fragrance types. If you have sensitive skin, this may be better for you as they have the least percentage of alcohol. Like other fragrance types they don’t dry out your skin that much.

What are the different concentrations of fragrances that we can choose from?

Secret de Parfum is a variant that has a concentration similar to that of the Eau de Parfum but with a greasy and opaque tonality that differs from the better facets of the original perfume.

Esprit de Parfum though seldom used contains almost 30% aromatic compounds. Most famous in the 80s, this type was dropped widely in favor of Eau de Parfum and Eau de Toilette which were a standard in the 90s.

Eau de Parfum (EDP) ranks right next to the parfums in terms of concentration of fragrance. They generally have a concentration of 15% to 20% and last for 4 to 5 hours. Therefore these are a less expensive option than parfum and still very suitable for everyday wear on sensitive skin.

Eau de Toilette is French for “getting ready” and goes down further still when it comes to concentration making the exquisite ritual of putting on your best self at display for any occasion more delightful. An EDT has it between 5% and 15%. It is one of the most popular types of fragrances and quite suitable for every pocket. They normally last for 2 to 3 hours and are ideal for daywear.

Mist or Brume de Parfum or Eau Sans Alcohol is the lightest form of fragrance. It is inherently feminine by nature and contains aromatic compounds ranging between 3 to 8% and the solvent is typically non alcoholic.

Eau de Cologne or EDC or Cologne goes even lower on concentration which is a mere 2% to 5%. It is much lighter on your pocket and lasts for up to 2 hours. With a bigger bottle that requires more fragrance to be used its origin lies in a traditional recipe of herb and citrus notes with minimal base notes. Every fragrance is derived from the extrait de parfum but is diluted to make variations except this type.

The Subtle Notes of Eau Fraiche are somewhat similar to those of an eau de cologne. It too lasts for up to 2 hours and has an even lower concentration of fragrance which is 1% to 3%. Surprisingly it does not contain high alcohol content rather mostly water.

Cologne of today denotes a more masculine fragrance and it is an American way of describing perfume with the intent of portraying a manlier image. They have become quite synonymous with after shaves; which brings us to the after shaves of the non lotion category that contain about 1 to 3% aromatic ingredients.

Eau Généreuse or Eau d' Abondance is a modern day term and denotes the huge bottles from which the liquid is meant to be splashed generously. The concentration is similar to that of Eau de Toilette.