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How did our ancestors contain and store perfumes?

Posted on December 09 2020

How did our ancestors contain and store perfumes?

Interesting question and what evolved with these perfumes were their bottles. They were all the more interesting too and often were as gorgeous, exotic and elaborate as the fragrant oils they contained. The earliest crafted perfume bottles are believed to be as old as 1000 B.C. People in ancient Egypt used glass bottles largely to hold perfumes. The art of crafting of perfume bottles came to Europe and was practiced most extensively in Venice in the 18th century. Here glass containers assumed incredible shapes of small animals and some even sported rustic landscapes. Today our perfume bottles are designed mostly by manufacturers and highly reflect the nature of the fragrance inside.

Till today France and Italy remain the center of the European perfume design & trade. What started as a way to mask body odor of the wealthy and unbathing between the 16th and 17th centuries gave way to a highly developed perfume industry of the modern day.