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Posted on December 08 2020


Fragrance, you can feel it in the air. You know something stirs but you can’t really put a finger on it. A presence hovers and lingers about or maybe you are just imagining things! It’s probably all in your head or something in the drink. A fragrance does no talking but it screams out pure bliss to your senses. May be it is that French guy that stole a look at you as he entered or perhaps it is that Mexican singer at the party that is going around spreading her pheromones. It can be anything; it is the pale yet distinct aroma of cinnamon that does it for me and nothing makes me feel more at home. But that is just my memories talking. I have my heart set on Black Saffron these days but my favorites keep on changing. There has to be a best perfume that you are into, an aroma that means you; a fragrance that tells people of your arrival.

What is Fragrance?

If one talks about fragrances or perfumes, they go back to the ancient Chinese and Egyptians that made use of scented oils and extracts from flowers or spices to make these exotic smelling concoctions. From the gum and sap of hard to reach trees to the oils and liquids tapped from rare plants; everything made for a distinct aroma. It wasn’t until the 19th century that the perfume industry as we know it today became apparent. Aromatic liquids that were being produced in small bottles at home were now being manufactured in larger batches with advancements in chemistry. A fragrance is a smell often characterized by pleasant molecules that sweetly effervesce in the air and travel deep up in our minds to elevate our mood. The bitter sweet presence of coffee is its fragrance and the cool and sweet feeling that a rose gives off is its fragrance.